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Collaboration - Saint-Sernin Museum

Follow-up as of 05/18:

A first hook subject: exhibition planned on the subject of the St Sernin dam.

Set of tables relating to the quarries which allowed its construction, and potentially to the parts of the factory which needed water from the dam (to be confirmed).

As of 03/30:

​Raymond did: painted... but also raised awareness, educated, convinced, brought together, maintained, animated,... through quite diversified and promising activities.

His various actions carried out with the commune of Saint Sernin and/or its inhabitants are an important testimony to part of his work, in particular his activity in the associative environment and the cultural impulses which he was able to instil. I am thinking of archaeological excavations, heritage conservation, the forest, ...


The keep museum is partly the result of this momentum and the interest that we all have in this important work of proof, history, structuring of knowledge and its transmission.

Perhaps we could think about more marked exchanges of valorization between what is being done today at Saint Sernin on a cultural level and the management of the work?


A "first draft" example: creation of a mini website which would present Raymond's activities on other levels than painting, highlighting what exists today and the important work carried out. Based on this minisite and in a coordinated manner, a set of specific communications relating to the museum would also find its place widely on social networks. To discuss !

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