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Chateau de la Verrerie, Le Creusot

Discover the museums in France and abroad, establishments which have made one or more acquisitions of paintings by the artist (factories, landscapes, etc.)

State Collection

“Chimney Colonnades” (acquired in 1953)

“Machining” (acquired in 1955), placed in storage

at the Town Hall of Montbrison on June 27, 1955, not found

to the 2008 proofing mission

City of Paris

“Pilonnage” (acquired in 1955)

“Le Creusot under the snow” (acquired in 1951)

Le Creusot-Montceau

“The Shovelers” (charcoal)

“the shovelers” (oil) (acquired in 2007)

Rheinisches Industriemuseum 

Oberhausen Industrial Museum

“The Pestles”

Museum of Modern Art
of Saint Etienne

“The rolling mills at Le Creusot” (acquired in 1953)

Modern Art Museum
from Saint Denis

“The relief team” (acquired in 1954)

City Hall
from Montceau les mines

“The relief team” (acquired in 1954)

Macon Museum

“The Creusot factory” (acquired in 1962)

Le Creuset

“Le Creusot, seen from the Marolle hill”

City Hall
du Creuset

“The chippers”

“The grinders”

François Bourdon
Le Creuset

“Bar Train Shears” (photo: Jean-François Odde)

City Hall
Le Breuil

" Two students "

Gray Museum

“The Return of the Workers” (acquired in 1962)

City Hall

“The Miners”

“Rolling mills” - Exhibited at the 1956 Salon des Indépendants

(Photo: Daniel Busseuil / Ecomuseum Le Creusot-Montceau)

Museum of Fine Arts

“Les Romanichels” (acquired in 1937)

“The common crane” (acquired in 1965 - Photos François Jay)

from Chalon-sur-Saône

“The blooming” (acquired in 1954)

Museum of Fine Arts
from Calais

“The blooming” (acquired in 1967)

Mining Museum
by Blanzy

“Miners and shearers”

“Miners at work”

“Hanged Man’s Room”

“Miners’ meeting”

Rolin Museum

“The Roman Theater” (acquired in 1984)

“The Temple of Janus”

“The Saint Andrew’s Gate”

“View of the gate and the Pont d’Arroux”

“Porch and tympanum of Autun Cathedral”

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