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Discover the literary works referring to the painter of Man and Factories.


- “Faber Fine Arts Scrapbook» Design by Lourdes Arizpe,

Jérome Duval-Hamel and thecollective Art Faber - Editing South Act, 2023

(See on theNational Library of France,  Culture, orFnac)

- “Raymond Rochette, the industry’s obsession» Work co-published by the Ecomusée Creusot-Montceau - Somogy Editions d’Art, 2017

(See onAmazon,Library Catalog or toMuseum of Man and Industry)

- “Raymond Rochette, a corner of a workshop»

Rolin Museum - June 2013

- “Raymond Rochette, drawings»

Design B. Clément - Ecomuseum of the C.U. - Le Creusot – Montceau – 1997

- “Rochette »
F.Jondot and F.Roche - Editions de LARC, 1981

- “Raymond Rochette, a painter of his time »
M. Rérolle, Museum curator - Ed. Art and poetry, 1969


Winds of the Morvan, summer 2005. “Raymond Rochette, from the earth to the factory”

Burgundy Magazine, June 2006. “See the factory in painting”

Museum of Arts and Crafts, the review, special issue: Painters and technique, combined perspectives: “Raymond Rochette at Le Creusot: factory paintings, 1950-1990”

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