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Luc Rochette, exposition musée Autun

2024 - 52ème Salon des Artistes
Du 20 avril au 5 mai, Fontaine-lès-Dijon

Cette année, Raymond Rochette : " Invité d'honneur " du salon !

Plus d'une dizaine de tableaux exposés, représentatifs de l'oeuvre de l'artiste !

Deux semaines d'exposition, habituellement près de 2000 visiteurs,
et plus de 30 artistes et exposants !

De 14h30 à 19h (fermé le 1er mai).

Centre d'Animation Pierre Jacques  - Cliquez-ici !

2 rue Général de Gaulle

21121 - Fontaine lès Dijon

See you soon for new events!
October 2023: Cultural Week in Auxy 
The exhibition is over, and we've had some great encounters with young people!

May 2023: The exhibition at HIA Bégin is over...
Maybe see you next year!


Exhibition and youth!

Last March 3 and 4, very interesting days during the JPO at the Léon Blum high school in Le Creusot.

Public presentation by Ms. Isabelle Gautron-Carlot (director of the Lycée).

5 paintings exhibited: "Welders at CM4" (1740), "The welders" (1566), "Young welder fixing his rod" (808), "Welding of steam turbine parts" (909) and an Indian ink: " Francis turbine on the ropes” (817).

The young welder has general success.

Christophe de Rago notably created very beautiful steel signage.

The collaboration with theFabLab UtoPi in the persons of Brigitte Chaignon and Patrick Gorria was a success. The students particularly took ownership of the presentation of “seeing without being seen”!

An experience that will surely be repeated!


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