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Ancre 1

The Rochette House

(Photo by Manon Bollery)


A visit to the Maison Rochette allows you to immerse yourself in the life of the artist, to explore his art, and what guided his mind and his brushes!


The tour includes a visit to the artist's workshop and a presentation

of the "Espace Raymond Rochette", a vast, convivial space where you can take the time to learn about his history and admire some one hundred works of art!


A cinema showing films made by Raymond Rochette between 1940 and 1970 will give you a chance to discover one of the artist's many facets! 


"I still live in the house where I was born, curiously situated on the borders of the mighty Le Creusot factories and the vast Morvan forest. The factory are close by, with its noisy workshops, tall chimneys and draperies of smoke; it is hidden by a hill on which the last trees of the Morvan forest, with their ever-changing foliage, birds, daffodils and living waters, die."

-Raymond Rochette (undated)

La Maison Rochette, dans les bonne adresses du Parisien Etudiant !

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