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University seat

Beyond collaborations to be established/continued with companies linked to metallurgy, it seems important to me that the promotion of the work also has a more marked basis on the "academic" level, if only to have in the long term recent evidence validated by peers.

Quickly, I see three areas to prioritize:

- academic: Fine Arts,

- academic: Sciences and Technology,

- major schools: Engineering,


A new project to discuss therefore, and probably over a (very) long time because if we subscribe to it it could make small...

- Do we have contacts who might be interested?

- What work could be proposed/supported? One in particular?

Risks identified a priori:

- workload over the entire financial year,

- personal skills to ensure good follow-up,

- complex initiation phase (selection, plan, contacts, etc.).

In short... I submit the idea, to mature most probably.

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