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Bégin Hospital - Vincennes

A proposal was made to the hospital management to create a prestigious exhibition in the establishment's exhibition hall. Beyond the knowledge of the field and the speakers, the proximity to Paris, the very regular passage of political figures in particular, as well as the native security of the place made it a potential target for setting up an event.

FOLLOW-UP as of 05/15:

Exhibition dismantled.

Relative success / 4 requests for information with a view to purchases / no real follow-up given to date (05/20).

To be continued: consolidation

- Work around added values to current referencing (CR): listing frames and framed paintings, creating a file of 'typical' exhibitions, etc.

As of 05/05:

Opening held / 30 people present.

Publication completed.

As of 01/05:

The exhibition is installed.

As of 04/20:

The entire organization is confirmed:

- confirmed table list,

- consolidated mailing and VIP lists,

- validated social media publication plan,

- printed/sent “cardboard” invitations,  

- printing of bookmarks and business cards made,

- Content of the opening positioned on 04/05 validated,

As of 03/21:

The planning of the exhibition has been agreed, it will be held from Monday 01 to 15 May 2023.

I'm looking into organizing the opening on Sunday April 30th at the end of the afternoon...

Please note: the exhibition will be open on the night of May 13, the date of the European cultural event “Museum Night”.


Next steps for around April 1:

> construction of the exhibition (validation of the list of paintings),

> signing/sending the agreement,

> validation of the poster,

> validation of a list of 10 to 20 'VIP' guests whose postal addresses we would eventually have.

As of 02/28:

Convention & Transportation

> The agreement provided by the hospital has been proofread (transmitted by email).

She confirms all the points previously indicated orally, particularly regarding insurance.

Concerning the transfer of copyright, it is well limited​ to the context of the exhibition and its start and end dates (see art. 1 and 12).

The only modification of the document planned to date concerns our contact details, I propose to indicate the following:

"The rights holders

Florence Amiel & Luc Rochette

54, route de Saint-Sernin - 71 200 - Le Creusot

06 11 21 72 40"

Please note: its supply signed by Florence and Luc and therefore our commitment to carry out the exhibition is to be sent no later than 15 days before the start of the exhibition - today and if nothing changes, we must aim for the first week of May.


> Concerning the transport of works to Paris, the quotes made indicate to me:

- the rental of a vehicle in S&L and returned in RP are very rare and not very interesting (more than 600€).

- the rental in RP of the vehicle which would make the round trip over 3 days with 800 klm package would cost €400.


I suggest that we move towards this 2nd option if we cannot find a utility within the deadline that would be loaned to us free of charge for a few days (or at best for the duration of the exhibition).

Regarding the return of the works to Le Creusot, I would say that there is no rush, and that they can be stored at my home. I will arrange to bring them down later, probably as part of my own move coming this year.


So let's set our Go/NoGo decision to 01/05. 

As of 02/21:

You will need to think about transporting the paintings, find out about vehicle rental depending on the company used... see if others have had the opportunity to rent a vehicle, for moving or otherwise...

As of 02/16 - Summary of the meeting

> Contact : Communications officer Anabelle PATIER / 01 43 98 49 54 / 06 21 76 26 86


> Administrative : The hospital is used to organizing events of this type. A convention described as “simple and classic” will be transmitted to us. Insurance is covered by the establishment.


> Financial :

The hospital pays for:

- The provision of space and associated security.

- As part of THEIR use, the production of a poster (I indicated that we would offer them one that they could print/use); the same goes for invitations.

- Sending invitations including the entire hospital and the Communication services of the town halls of Vincennes and Saint-Mandé.

- The opening buffet.

At our expense at a minimum:

- Transport and installation/uninstallation of the tables (a stepladder is provided, and a person from the establishment is present).

- Production, printing and sending of posters/invitations from OUR side.

To note : the sale of paintings within the hospital grounds is prohibited. However, it is specified that “all means” of communication which would allow sales outside the location can be used.

> Planning :

The hospital management has already validated the content that we could offer (plants, still lifes, etc.), we have 'carte blanche' on the proposal.

The hospital's 'Com' department is currently making its program for the year. They offer exhibitions lasting up to a month. The exhibition would be accessible 24/7; the presence of the exhibitor is not required.

I have put an option in principle on the two weeks between May 21 and June 7.

Please note: “Museum Night” takes place on May 14. The hospital is trying to set up a project around poetry which is apparently struggling to see the light of day.I agreed with our contact to check in with her on May 1st to see if this project is confirmed. Otherwise, we would have the possibility of bringing forward the planning of our exhibition by a week, and taking advantage of the announcement effect of “Museum Night”.

> Miscellaneous :

- The exhibition space, in addition to walls fitted with picture rails, can be fitted out with grids and easels.

- During the assembly and dismantling of the exhibition, ideally plan to communicate the registration number of the vehicle transporting the works to our contact to facilitate entry (in the event of difficulty on this point, do not hesitate to share the situation).

- 2 strong constraints to be specified in the invitations: wearing a mask is obligatory within the premises of the establishment, and the presentation of an identity document is required at entry.

> Next steps :

- Before Monday morning: send a short presentation (4 or 5 pages): biography + presentation of our exhibition + 4 or 5 photos of paintings planned for the exhibition.

- Waiting for the receipt of an email: indicating the precise dimensions of the exhibition space (walls + 8 grids + 3 easels), and incorporating their ‘typical’ convention.

- Preparation of digital communications for possible start of the campaign on 01/04.

> To be continued :

- Validation of the complete content of the exhibition (paintings / poster / invitations / labels).

- Reflection on logistics (who does what when).

- Reflection on the method of communication: on the one hand to sell outside the premises of the establishment, on the other hand for the case where we should communicate quickly from May 2 if ultimately we exhibit within the framework of the “Night of the museums”.


- 09 February: scoping meeting with management scheduled for February 16 / preparation of the meeting in progress.


- 18January: Agreement in principle of direction.


- 09 January: Making contact.

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