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ENSAM - Lille campus

A proposal was made to the management of the Arts et Métiers - Lille campus to create an exhibition within their establishment. This attempt is a first and at least aims to make contact with this school and train in handling this type of file. In the event that the exhibition takes place, the working base created for the Vincennes exhibition would be re-used, particularly with a view to rationalizing the organization and logistics.

FOLLOW-UP as of 02/17:

- February 17: negative response from the Lille campus management with few explanations. Our contact tells us that the management must change in 2024 and encourages us to redo our proposal from then on.

(Status change > “Stopped”).

- 06 February: Request sent to management - awaiting return.

     > Relaunch planned for mid-February.

- 30 January: Making contact - positive feedback from the campus Communication department.

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