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Insulation - 'Tenant' Apartment

The need to maintain this part of the house, the objective of making it inhabitable again as well as the evolution of the legislation force us to move forward on the subject of the overall insulation of this part of the building.

FOLLOW-UP as of 03/25:

Wednesday March 22, 2023, delivery of glass wool.

In the morning, Marcel Deroche, (from morning coffee) comes to lower the 2 wooden ladders hanging from the ceiling of the attic. Arrival of 24 rolls of glass wool. It is Jean Claude Tabutaud who puts them up in the attic.

With Patrick we remove Kraft paper and plastic, Patrick spreads the layers first 100 mm in one direction, then 200 in the other direction. We aimed for the number of rollers...even if I don't do much, it's still exhausting for the back, the eyes...

But the planned organization was good, no last minute worries...the 80M2 planned are covered. R

reflection on: how to access the skylights without crushing the wool? and then around 40M2 (currently occupied) remain to be done one day... Will what has been done be enough to have authorization to rent the apartment?

The next day, a few trips to the recycling center to dispose of the packaging... operation completed (I think)


As of 03/20:

Decision was made to put a layer of glass wool 200mm thick and one 100mm thick.

Order completed today.

Delivery scheduled for 03/22 - JC Tabutaud will be on site to assemble the rollers in the attic.

To be continued.

As of 02/03:

Installation by Patrick of cables to secure the staircase to the attic.

As of 02/21:

- Big job done yesterday by Patrick Gorria and Pascal Durand in the Marolle attic... Cupboards to be moved (to be brought closer to the attic door, in order to allow the insulation of the 4 main rooms of the attic as soon as possible 'tenants' apartment). This morning, February 21 and Mardi Gras, Pascal took what he had in his truck to the recycling center and by chance, I was there to drop off two bags of small trash. At the end of the week I'm going to try to sort out what's near the door...

- To be continued: Meeting on February 14 with Mr. Leboutilly (Orpy) for advice on the conduct of the work to be carried out.

- January: increase in electrical power (6KvA) allocated to the apartment to allow minimum heating and possible work.

- As of fall 2022, what has been achieved:

     > Insulation of under windows,

     > Insulation of the mouths of the VMC,

     > Electrical supply from the attic connected,

     > Attic sorted and cleared,

     > Prepair of documents and digital interfaces allowing the management of a rental ('standard' contract, monitoring of charges, etc.)

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