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“House of illustrious” label

Follow-up 05/13:

Project stopped due to the difficulty in putting together the file with regard to the advice and contacts available in the various decision-making bodies - note R. Rebeyrotte's proposal to push the file further with the prefecture.

Reflection and study in progress around the construction of an association.

As of 02/14:

The objective was set in 2022 to study the feasibility of having Maison Rochette labeled “House of illustrious people”.

In doing so, the information and testimonies collected make it possible to consider setting up the project.


Risks identified:

     > The amount of work seems very significant and difficult to anticipate.

     > The support provided by institutions is disjointed, if not non-existent.

     > The state, via the Ministry of Culture, has no longer communicated about this label since 2019, and no other standard of this type exists to date.

Detailed monitoring point to come: objective March 2023.

As of February 6: major recoveries of official documents from notaries and official organizations (land registry, genealogy, etc.) are complete.

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