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Consolidation of old toilets
and MEO lighting of the rise

Observation was made of the presence of significant cracks between the walls (back and facade) and the interior central partition of the old toilets.

Furthermore and with the aim of renting Lucien's apartment, it was decided to position automatic lighting for the path located below the old toilets.

These two projects are brought together due to the proximity of the actions to be carried out.

- December 2022:

     > Installation of automatic path lighting (refining the current setting).

     > Electrification of the garage and installation of interior lighting.

Note - to be expected: cleaning of the false ceiling of the garage.

- November 2022:

     > Implementation of the chaining cross between the toilet walls.

     > Cutting and drilling of the elements to be positioned.

     > Recovery of the rod.

- October 2022:

     > Drawing of electrical conduits and doublets from the RR area and connection of the stables.

     > Material recovery.

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