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Installation of a lifting pump in the right well

April 5

The electricity now reaches the well and Patrick installed the pump...Immediately, everything works!!! With the installation of the garden hose and the installation of the correct nozzle, we will be able to water the garden... Without using "city water"!

Preamble :

To facilitate watering and maintenance of the flower garden located in front of the stables, the installation of a lift pump was decided.

Predecessor: "Old toilets and electrification" project - Completed.

- To be continued (spring 2023):

     > Implementation of the system.

     > Purchase of pipes and watering systems,

     > Installation of electrical conduits and doublets,

- December 2022:

     > Delivery of the pump and electrical conduits.

- November 2022:

     > Pump recovery, cleaning and testing.

     > Recovery of electrical conduits allowing access from the stables to the well.

     > Implementation of the “Old toilets and electrification” project.

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