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Newsletter- October 2022

First of all, and if the information has not reached you, an exhibition is underway in DIJON!

Rochette exhibition in Dijon gallery Cadre Singulier

Two works by the painter joined the IUT andL'ESIREM This year.
Below, the works and the QRcodes created by Patrick Gorria.

paintings offered IUT du Creusot and ESIREM QRCode Patrick Gorria
Mickaël Amiel-Bauwens in front of his great-grandfather Raymond Rochette

Also, and among the photos exhibited on the Simone Veil esplanade at Le Creusot, a photograph taken by Gilles Guillet dates from 1977…
and represents Raymond Rochette painting a turbine.

Here, the admirer of the photo is Mickaël, great-grandson of the artist.

Furthermore, the constraints that we have all experienced over the last two years have led us to rethink the spaces dedicated to the work of Raymond Rochette!

“L’Espace Raymond Rochette” was inaugurated this summer!

In the artist's house, vast and friendly, to take the time to admire around a hundred works!

(Visits possible by appointment, via the “Visits” page).

See the article on Creusot-Info:Click here !

Inauguration of Espace Raymond Rochette in 2022

And the visit dedicated to the house also includes:



Reading, music, painting, boxes of films and photos classified and stuck on paper…

As well as the easel on which there is still the painting he made a few days before his death.

Salon of Raymond Rochette
Raymond Rochette’s workshop refitted for visits

THE WORKSHOP - The different techniques he practiced… Oil, watercolour, monotype, engraved wood, handmade paper, mounting: metal, glass, light…

Raymond Rochette, teacher:

Raymond Rochette’s workshop refitted for visits

Raymond Rochette’s class at the Marolle school, numerous portraits of children, “abstract art”, “learning to speak in public”,

"story time"...

Raymond Rochette’s workshop refitted for visits

Thank you for your attention... and we look forward to seeing you! See you soon !

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