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“R R” digital project

The objective was to modernize the digital interface for presenting the painter Rochette and his work. 

(Launch divided into 2 phases, already incorporating part of the recurring activity).

FOLLOW-UP as of 05/19:

Project closed on 06/01/2023 with termination of OVH subscriptions.

As of 03/23:

(after 2 months of operation)

Phase 1 :

Availability rate for the month: 99.97% (equivalent to the previous month - RAS).

Number of visitors: 108 including 64% new visitors. There were 134 visitors identified last month, the month the site launched. The drop observed is therefore quite slight.

Average site response time 3.3s. (equivalent to the previous month).

Phase 2:

All that remains is the subject "Rocd@cier" to completely close the project, obtaining a reduction in the number of photographs displayed on this site, and above all I believe clear information referring requests for information on "Raymond Rochette" to our site and our points of contact.

For the rest, the objectives have all been achieved:

On the one hand, all subscriptions linked to the old management (OVH in particular) will be canceled in the coming weeks.

On the other hand and in terms of SEO, a search for “Raymond Rochette” in Google now returns most often from the first page and in this fairly clean order:

> The Wikipedia page,

> Our website,

> PInterest catalogs of works,

> The Rocd@cier site and its Rochette page,

> The Saint Sernin du Bois museum,

> Our LinkedIn account,

> Articles on Creusot info (opening of the “RR” Space in particular),

> The JSL articles,

> The Maitron website,

Then on the second page:

> The Rolin museum,

> The Généastar website,

> The ProAntic website,

> France-Info


As of 06/02:

     >Phase no. 2 - currently being processed: oriented on netlinking and aimed at forcing the updating of a set of sites linked to the activity.


These sites will over time incorporate accurate information about Raymond, and reference our site.

To date, around twenty sites or pages (including 8 on Wikipedia) have been identified - but the figure is necessarily growing towards a suggested asymptote...

Also and among these references, certain sites which evoke Raymond are little known or recognized in the art world but may have a "surprising" audience (e.g.: rocdacier). 


In summary: the updates of these sites are in progress, the procedures can be quite long in certain cases, the list of sites is not really limited, I do not know how to position an end of year. Prioritization is made at the intersection between the audience of the 'target' site and the strategic importance of the content that the 'target' site carries.

The subject is also important since at the intersection of 3 data:

- Our communication strategy, notably apolitical,

- The validity of the information presented,

- The legitimacy of their supports, which we can grant.

(- by direct extension the legal framework of copyright, reproduction and use of works

     > Phase n° 1 - carried out: 

- analysis of the sector of activity,

- the constitution of the technological structure (support and tools),

- the construction and posting of content online while respecting methods favoring natural referencing,

- setting up the contact structure via social networks,

- content planning,

- the launch of communications (redirection of the old site, newsletter and publications on social networks),


During this phase, we were able to benefit from the article on Creusot-info which provided important support via local support of notoriety: it was very important that this population knew and knew how to refer other people to the site. ).

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