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Set of subprojects

Set of projects supporting or supporting the main digital project "R R". 

In addition to periodic actions (social media publications, newsletters and global monitoring of statistics), five projects are in the process of "maturation", the objective is to have a set of tools and/or content already ready to be used either in a planned manner or to take advantage of potential opportunities.

FOLLOW-UP as of 03/03:

     > The creation on the site of a “The Raymond Rochette team” page, which would support certain achievements and present the members of the WhatsApp group. In a broader spectrum it would allow space to be given to possible partners... Under consideration -Planning to be defined - need to have photos of the team.

     > The creation of a mini-site for educational purposes on the operation of a steelworks (you have seen an overview of it but there is still work... I am wondering about one or more partnerships on this production for give it thickness - model to look at on a computer for the moment) -Planning to be defined.

     > The creation of a virtual exhibition room which would allow permanent exhibitions on themes of choice. Once again there is still a lot of work...  -Planning to be defined.


     > In the same vein, the creation of a virtual tour of the apartment and/or workshop, either in the form of a film, or really as a tour commenting on points of attention; it could be accessible on request only...  -Planning to be defined.


     > The creation of pre-formatted pages and newsletters (without content), which could, if necessary, allow us to publish at any time, almost instantly, any type of important information, and which could be highlighted directly (for example in an automated manner by replacing the home page of the website temporarily and sending this page in a newsletter to our contacts), or indirectly (accessible from a pre-programmed QRCode, other...)  -Planning to be defined.

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