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Harmony and History
HR1566 Les soudeurs 89x116 1974.jpg


Format: 89 x 116

Catalog reference: 1566

Painted in 1974

HR816 116x89 19xx Atelier CM4 3800e.jpg

CM4 workshops

Format: 116 x 89

Catalog reference: 816


HR904 Transfert d'une pièce 89x116 1972.jpg

Transfer of a part

Format:89 x 116

Catalog reference: 904

Painted in 1972

HR1033 116x89 1980 Laminage


Format: 116 x 89

Catalog reference: 1033

Made in 1980

HR546 Fos sur mer Distillerie de pétrole 120x89 1971.jpg

Fos-sur-mer, the oil distillery

Format: 120 x 89

Catalog reference: 546

Painted in 1971

HR1053 Printemps au creusot 48x56 1935.jpg

Spring at Le Creusot

Format:48 x 56

Catalog reference: 1053

Painted in 1935

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